Compliance and Quality 

PB Landscapes are proud to provide a high quality experience for our clients, to ensure this we have project management protocols that assure excellence in safety, quality and environmental standards.

Our staff are qualified, whilst our trainees and apprentices undergo quality training and education to ensure a quality result.

Our team are invested in the entire project, from start to finish it is our culture, values and experience that ensure a strong work ethic from all team members.

Our team is ready to build your vision with results worth being proud of. 

Workplace Health and Safety

As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of health and safety in our workplace, we recognise our moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers, contractors, customers and visitors.

This commitment also extends to ensuring that our operations and activities do not place the local community or environment at risk of injury, illness or damage.

Environmental Responsibility

As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of responsible environmental management, sustainability and protection of the natural environment in our workplace, we recognise our moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our activities, products and services are designed to protect and enhance the environment in the communities in which we operate, and our obligations to ensuring that our operations do not place the natural environment or the local community at risk of harm.

Proudly focused on safety

Occupational Health and Safety are of paramount importance to the team at PB Landscapes, which is why we recognise the responsibility to exercise safe work practices whilst delivering our clients with exceptional quality outcomes for their projects.


From our clients

I have engaged PB Landscapes over a number of years to undertake work on our residential subdivisions, townhouse developments and open space/park areas. I have found the staff and management of PB Landscapes to be diligent, thorough, and amenable in all aspects of their work. I can recommend PB Landscapes to any parties that are looking for a quality landscape finish to their projects

Doug Aird

Development Manager,<br /> Ausbuild

As a Residential Developer I have worked with Tony and Greg of PB Landscaping for the last 7 years. I have always found them to be very professional and efficient in providing Landscape installation services for me. I believe, their attention to detail and their efforts to achieve the required deadline puts them in the top tier of medium sized landscape companies.

Peter Dunkley

Associated Director - Operations Manager, Metacap Developments